Heavy Fabrication

RTPL manufactures custom built steel fabrications and assemblies for wide range of Engineering Industries. The Company uses State of the Art VMC machines including Laser Cutting, Punching, Plasma Cutting, Bending, Boring and Milling Machines.

Heavy Fabrication Job Work

Solutions offered by us are best in-its-class and are provided by experienced team of professionals so as to ensure service standards delivered are best in its class. The use of latest technical and machinery support used for Heavy Machining job works & Heavy structural fabrication  job works also ensure that product delivered is acknowledged for its quality finish, work accuracy as well on time delivery. The job work here involves work related to heavy shat machining, T-slot bed machining, heavy shaft grinding, heavy rope drum machining, floor boring operation, heavy base frame machining as well as Plano-milling job work as demanded by the customers. The state-of-the art servicing facilities, use of calibration equipment and other innovative process approach utilised have also ensured quality job-work for heavy machining solutions delivered from our end.

Heavy Machine Frame Fabrication

offered by us are designed and handled to perfection. Here, the collective expertise of our team of engineers allow us to offer a wide range of base frame machining job work for heavy duty machines where we ensure that the solutions delivered are clean, bear smooth finish and within tolerance levels. Our in-depth knowledge also add to our proficiency in offering quality structural frame machining job work at competitive rates adhering to client specifications.

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