DIR_Mane Sir



I am thankful to you for showing your interest in Heavy Structural Steel Fabrication and Machining Services offered by RTPL. It has been our constant endeavour to be at the forefront of superior performance and always look out for new challenges and goals to be accomplished.

As you learn about our company, I hope you will gain a sense of the commitment we have to our customers and the standards of safety and craftsmanship to which we adhere.

RTPL is founded on honesty, mutual respect and commitment. We continually re-invest in our facilities and our valued employees. Continuous improvement and innovation is second nature to our operation and is embraced by all. We have an experienced, engaged team with strong leadership that is continuously striving to produce the highest quality components and solutions for our customers.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us at RTPL. Our ability to provide old fashioned principles with modern day thinking and technology enables us to be flexible and quickly adapt to our customers’ changing requirements.

To us, manufacturing is more than just making things using machinery. It’s about saving people time by solving their problems. At RTPL, we are committed to saving our customers’ time. We are proud of our reputation for finding innovative solutions, incorporating new technology and proud to have long-term relationships with many of our customers as a result.

RTPL is more than just a steel processing service centre, providing custom steel fabrication, components manufacturing and assemblies. Our passion to drive innovation inspires our team members to deliver best-in-class solutions and exceptional services to a wide range Of heavy industrial manufacturers. Efficiency in manufacturing, while maintaining specific tight tolerances is the KEY to our success and yours.

We are excited about the many new technologies that are creating a new era of manufacturing. Our team is ready to find the best ways to use them to best help our customers save time.

I encourage you to contact us.